Vulpine is perfectly placed to assist your business with its foreign exchange needs

We started the FOREX Revolution in 2007, now we are one of the fastest growing currency providers worldwide.

Back in 2007 Vulpine Commercial Currencies was formed to show that the FOREX Market like most of the financial services sector were using outdated business models and immoral practises. Vulpine was one of the first in the world to offer something other than "0% Commission" with hidden margins ever inflating. Here at Vulpine we work with our customers to ensure that their FOREX needs are catered for at a cost effective level. We are one of only a handful of companies to give all our clients the Interbank Exchange rate, this means that it is impossible to get a better rate as this is the rate all banks trade at prior to adding their own margins on. What we do is we use your currency accounts like your normal bank accounts, you pay a fixed fee each month for having that account and no hidden margins on your transactions. This means on average our clients save 20% on their Foreign Exchange costs over the first year alone.
With our currency accounts you only pay your monthly fees and have no hidden costs, Vulpine aims to continue its fair practise and high code of ethics and this means ensuring you the customer understand each and every detail and transparency is key to this.

Account Types:
There are three account types for your currency needs, Business, Commercial and Corporate each account type is used to reflect the users frequency and value of currencies traded across any given month.
Business Account - This is our entry level account and is aimed at Small to Medium Sized Enterprises who trade either infrequently or on average under £250,000 per month
Commercial Account - This is our account for those businesses who are trading more frequently or trade on average under £1,000,000 in any given month.
Corporate Account - This is our flagship account and allows the holder limitless trading across any given month.
Currency Cards:
All our account holders are given up to 12 free currency cards, these are pre-paid credit cards in any given currency that will allow the account holder to maximise their capital's efficiency by only trading the currencies they need when the markets are right, but still being able to travel on business and pay for expenses locally with local currency.
To start the applications process you will need to have the following information available - 

Business Details:
  • Business Name, Contact Details, Nature of the business and Legal Status
  • Business Start Date
  • Forecasted 3 years Turnover
  • Funding Requirements
  • Incorporation Details
Personal Details:
  • Full Names and Addresses of all Directors
  • Previous Addresses
  • Existing bank account details
  • Country, City and Date of Birth of all Directors
Sole Traders:
If you are a sole trader the whole application process can be completed online in under 10 minutes, we will then contact you within 5 days to confirm the account opening and the details will be sent to your home in the post.
Partnerships and Limited Companies:
If you are operating a partnership or a limited company with 2 or more directors, you can start you application online. Once submitted, we'll contact you to arrange an appointment with your local business manager to discuss how we can support your business and complete your application.

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